2019 Rallye Antibes Côte d’Azur Press Conference

Photo Thomas Fenetre / DPPI

The 2019 Rallye Antibes Côte d’Azur Press Conference has been  a succes ! All the leader of the French Rally Championship  and the Tour European Rally were very happy to participate at this new edition.

The rally can start! Everything has been made up in order to make of the 54th Antibes Côte d’Azur Rally a Racing Event.

The entry lists of the French Championship and the Historic VHC and VHRS Rallies are a victory in themselves as over 175 teams are participating.

As well in the Modern Rally as in the VHC or VHRS, the fight will be very interesting as numerous specialists of the Region will be present and will
try to steal the victory to French Championship leaders CFR and VHC.

The organisation committee has built around the event numerous new actions that certainly will hold exciting moments.

This great sporting week will start on Friday 17th May from 7.00 pm on the podium at Gould Square in Juan-les-Pins will take place the presentation of the French Championship teams.

All structures will start being set up from the beginning of the week in order to give the best start possible to this 2019’s edition.

François Chatriot, the Guest of the 2018 Antibes Rallye Côte d’Azur !

Our guest François Chatriot, Victorious Pilot of the 1989 Antibes Côte d’Azur Rally, with Didier Lefort come back to this 53rd edition : “it’s exceptional to see 170 competitors on the start line. This event always was famous !

Our Antibes Rally was long and very difficult with special stage during the night ! And today, this rally keep his pirit. For the service, it was a rally in the rally too.

To drive during the night, it was magic! It has an extraordinary charm. And from the moment when we are good, we go so fast of day as of night! I would like to see again this configuration but for safety reasons, it’s impossible now and I can understand.

Personally, in Antibes I always played to win !
Congratulations to all the organization staff and I’m anxious for the overall …

Tour European Rally at the 2018 Antibes Côte d’Azur Rally

More fast drivers in the 2018 Tour European Rally
14 nations represented in the new concept of rally series

32 crews are entered in the 2018 Tour European Rally  of which 10 will be at the start of the  53rd Rallye Antibes – Côte d’Azur (May 18th– 20th). All these teams represent 14th différent countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Israël, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Tzech Republic, Great Britain), so it’s already a great sucess for the organizers and promoters of the T.E.R.
Three new ones are entered in R5, these are :


* Bruno RIBERI – Skoda Fabia R5 – French – lives in Monaco – 74 starts in rallies
– 2015 Junior Vice-champion 208 Rally Cup
– winner of the 22nd Rallye National de l’Escarène (April, 21st and 22nd 2018)
– co-driver : Anthony Gorguilo

* Rhys YATES – Skoda Fabia R5 – British – 44 starts in rallies
– 2015 MSA English
– Participated in 2018 at: Azores Airlines Rallye (P) – McDonald & Munro Speyside Stages (G. B) Pirelli International Rally (GB)
– Co-driver: Elliot Edmonson

* Steve FERNANDES – Skoda fabia R5 – Luxembourgish – 82 starts in rallies
– 2016 Luxembourg Rally Champion
– participed in 2018 : Herock Spa Rally (B) – Rallye de Trois-Ponts (B)

French Fiestas join TER in Antibes
Two more drivers with Ford R5 cars

Jérémy Crétien and Manon Verger (Ford Fiesta R5) have expressed their wish to integrate the T.E.R on the occasion of the Rallye d’Antibes following by Jérémy Ancian co-drived by Olivier Vitrani, also driving a Ford Fiesta R5


@Photos Jean-François THIRY